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District Administrator
Rick Parks
443-2226 ext. 107

High School Principal
David Beranek
443-2226 ext. 106

Elem/Middle School Principal
Jeff Reiche
443-2538 ext.102

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The Marathon School District is committed to providing all students with a quality education and the skills they need to be successful. By developing an exceptional staff and partnering with families and the community, we will continuously improve instructional programs and provide learning experiences that meet the individual needs of students in a safe and supportive environment.

The Marathon School District will continue to create an exceptional educational system that is recognized for the academic excellence and character of its students, the caliber of its staff, and the quality and diversity of its programs.


  • Ensure that students are the first consideration in the educational process.
  • Promote a learning environment of tolerance, respect and dignity for students, staff and the community.
  • Promote and support individual, family and community partnerships in the health and education of youth.
  • Promote student accountability and responsibility for their choices and actions.
  • Continue to enhance and promote positive and informative communication from the school district to the community.
  • Provide professional staff development based on the Wisconsin Teacher Standards.
  • Respond effectively to the financial realities impacting the district while planning for the long-term economic future of the Marathon School District.









Marathon High School • 204 East Street • P.O. Box 37 • Marathon, WI 54448 • 715.443.2226
Marathon Area Elementary School • 100 Spring Valley Drive • P.O. Box 457 • Marathon, WI 54448 • 715.443.2538