Smart Boards
Great Sites for Ready-to-use Notebook files/activities

Search for Notebook files by Googling a subject and adding “xbk” as the file type
For example:  proofreading and xbk


Smart Tech
Smart Tech -  This is the best place to start!  If you haven’t gone to this site yet, you need to check it out!

Free live online training, flash tours and materials

Educator Resources – Over 1200 lessons correlated by state standards


Eduscapes -   This is a great site for grades 1-8.  Activities are organized by grade level and subject area.  Check out the math activities for differentiation possibilities.  There are also several great links to other Notebook resources.

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - free downloads of numerous math activities that would be great for the Smart Board.  This is a great example of how students can interact with the Smart Board without you having to create files from scratch!

Differentiated Instruction Sites – categorized by Instructional Theory, Practical Tips for the Classroom, Sample Units Multi-link sites

Internet 4 Classrooms

One of my favorite websites for interactive websites to use on the SMART Board or in the computer lab.

National Whiteboard Network
K-8 Literacy, Math and Science UK site.  The navigation on this site is a little tricky but the site has more SMART Notebook lessons to download than any other website I have seen (other than SMART Technologies’ website.  It also has wonderfully engaging Excel activities, Power Points and other resources to download.  Many are in Zip files.  Navigate by starting at the front page on SITE MAPS.  Choose grade level.  Next choose subject and topic.  Downloads will be on right-hand side in the box.  Place cursor over icons so you can determine which download is SMART Notebook.  You can also search by seasonal package.  Go underneath the Title on the front page.  Click LITERACY or MATHEMATICS.  Click on either the packages (Autumn, Summer, Spring) or search by Year.

From the National Whiteboard Network site.  A teacher took another interactive
Whiteboard’s files and converted them to SMART Notebook files. They look like they are appropriate for grades 5-6.


From the National Whiteboard Network site.  More SMART Notebook lesson downloads.  Mathematical Challenges – grades 3, 4

K-6 resources.  Download SMART Notebook lessons.  Follow directions on page.

Topmarks interactive whiteboard resoures. K-12 UK site.  Browse by subject in right-hand column or links on center of page.  Some links direct user to complete interactive white board lessons.

K-12 UK site.  Search by grade level and subject.  Many lessons created by organization while other submitted by teachers using SMART Boards as well as other interactive white boards.  Pay attention to the xbk files.  These are SMART Notebook files.

BGfL Whiteboard resources (K-6).  Search by grade level and subject.


School District Smartboard Resources

Center School District-Kansas City, Missouri
SMART Ideas Templates

Kenton County Schools

Wichita Public Schools



SMART Education (Separate from SMART Technologies website) MUST register to access materials-FREE

Primary notebook lessons

Elementary notebook lessons











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